Here’s a sample of my previously published work.


A Friendship That Changed Everything (Joysauce)

The Financial Lessons My Credit Invisible Immigrant Mother Taught Me (Insider)

The Father I Remember (Oregon Humanities magazine)

The Lines on Her Palm: How My Mother Measures Ingredients (Food52)

How Yams Helped My Family Survive Postwar Vietnam (Catapult)

The Art of Homemade Vietnamese Rice Wine (Paste Magazine)

It Took A Pandemic (And Cancer) To Mend My Relationship With My Mother (HuffPost Canada)

Living in the Age of Uncertainty, One Aisle at a Time (Roxane Gay – the Audacity)

Eating in Pandemic Times (Raising Mothers)

Interview with author Madhushree Ghosh (Santa Fe Writer’s Project)


From The Takeout

A guide to Vietnamese iced coffee

A Guide to Cha Lua, the Quick and Easy Vietnamese Pork Roll

This Fish Sauce Takes Vietnamese Food to Astonishing Heights

How to Shop Asian Supermarkets Without Missing the Best Stuff

How IKEA Uses Food to Get You to Spend More

The Past, Present, and Future of the Children’s Menu

The Many Varieties of Banh Xeo, the Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe

Get a Taste of Asian Street Food With These YouTube Tours

The Quiet Explosion of Pop Culture Cookbooks

The Sweet and Tangy Candy That Defies All Expectations

How to Shop the Best Prepared Foods, According to a Deli Attendant

The Rise of Cross-Brand Mashups

What Makes Turkish Coffee So Unique?

The Humble Huckleberry Is Summer’s Most Underrated Fruit

This Midwestern State Fair Classic Has Pacific Northwest Roots

Will the McDonald’s PlayPlace Go Away for Good?

From The Kitchn

7 Groceries My Vietnamese Grandma Always Has on Hand

6 Not-to-Be-Missed Trader Joe’s Groceries That Just Hit Stores

I Was Not Someone Who Ate Hummus Very Often — Until I Tried This Roasted Garlic, Store-Bought Stuff

The One Ingredient I Exclusively Buy at My Local Farmers Market

5 Frozen Vegetables You Should Buy This Spring, According to Chefs and Culinary Pros

We Asked Flight Attendants to Share Their Favorite Snacks — Here’s What They Recommended

The Crunchy, Salty $2 Snack I’ll Let My Kids Talk Me into Buying Any Time


From BooknBrunch

An Interview With Vanessa Hua, Author of Forbidden City

Trauma, Bipolar, and the Restorative Power of Writing

Magical Spirits, Folklore and the Joy of Adventure

Traditions, Rituals and Connection Around a Dinner Table

Fairy Tales, Magical Realism and Mysteries of an Island With C.J. Cooke

Careers, Success, and Self-Discovery With Debut Author Elizabeth Gonzalez James

Family Drama, Secrets, and the Power of Starting Over With Tracey Lange

Love, Loss and Mental Health: The Power of Breaking the Silence With Tiffany Philippou

Lost & Found in the Depths of Grief and Love with Kathryn Schulz

Secrets, Guilt, Tension and Familial Bonds with Lyn Liao Butler

Fantasy, Adventure and Mythical Folklore With Traci Chee

Food, Family, and Murder: How Mia P. Manansala Spices Up Her Mysteries

Mystery, Crime and Time Travel With Rob Hart

Food, Fantasy, and Romance: How Roselle Lim Cooks Up Delicious Stories

Food and Memory: How One Local Chef is Spicing Up the Condiment World


Hey neighbor, the problem isn’t the homeless and petty crime. It’s your judgment: Guest opinion (The Oregonian)

Finding Inspiration Amid a Pandemic (The Wall Street Journal)

Art That Worked: How An Art Movement Transformed My Relationship With Death (Talent House)


5 Books That Leverage The Power Of Storytelling In Writing About Business (Gotham Ghostwriters)

Five Fantastic Middle-Grade Novels to Read Right Now (Can We Read?)

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